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Club News (updated 02/18/2020)


The Roadrunner Cribbage Club helds its Grass Roots National Tournament (GRNT)on February 15, 2020. 42 Peggers competed in this event.  Those that earned a score of 24 or better earn Grass Roots points. These are the 6 peggers who earned Grass Roots points during the GRNT:

  1. Mike Erdman - 27 points (high card)
  2. Jim Johnson - 26 points
  3. Clyde Shackleford - 26 points
  4. Carol Perko - 26 points
  5. Tom Cook - 25 points
  6. John Alig - 25 points


A complete list of this season's session top card holder can be seen here 


Important: Our next regular session is Saturday, February 29th.


The location of the Roadrunner Classic Cribbage Tournament has moved to Contempo Tempe. The Canadian Doubles has moved to 5:30 pm. The Early Bird event has been cancelled. Revised Entry Forms will be available on the ACC website,  at the Screaming Eagles Club sessions The Roadrunner Club session and will be available at the ACC Tournament of Champions ad ACC Open in Reno.


Check out Monday Morning Cribbage in Tempe. Additional information is under the Quickie/Casual/Other link.  


 Welcome and Club Information


Welcome to the Roadrunner Cribbage Club.  The Roadrunner Cribbage Club is sanctioned as Club #24 within the American Cribbage Congress (ACC). As a Division III club, sanctioned play is held 13 times during the season. We play sanctioned cribbage on select Saturdays.  Join us to play the best 2-person card game ever invented.


2019-2020 Season begins on September 7, 2019 and runs through March 21, 2020.  Select the SCHEDULE (Sanctioned) tab for scheduled dates of play.  Unless otherwise noted, all events are on Saturdays at 9 am (please arrive no later than 8:45 amat Contempo - Tempe; 2609 W. Southern Ave, Tempe, AZ.


2020 Summer Season ended on August 4th, 2019.  13 peggers had perfect attendance during the summer. Lynn Multari, one of these 13, had her name drawn and she received a club paid entry to the 2020 Roadrunner Classic Cribbage Tournament.


Canadian/10-Card Doubles play is also available throughout the year.  Select the Canadian Doubles tab for information on scheduled dates of play.


Other cribbage play is also available throughout the year.  Select the Quickie/Casual/Other tab for information on scheduled dates of play.